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Cost of Air Travel to Orlando dropping, good news for Disney World?

Some interesting figures in the Orlando Sentinel about how the price of air travel to Orlando is actually dropping while rising for most other destinations. This may do something to keep seats filled with leisure travelers, but I think it’s the number of seats that worries tourism officials. The number of flights coming into Orlando have been cut and unless that’s made up by train or car travel tourism dollars will be down.

2 thoughts on “Cost of Air Travel to Orlando dropping, good news for Disney World?”

  1. I’m not sure if there is much signficance to it, but last weekend we bought our airline tickets for our next trip (in early December) and I was surprised to find that Delta ended up being a couple hundred dollars cheaper than Southwest for travelling between LAX and MCO. That was also for direct flights on Delta versus multi-stop flights on Southwest.

    Although the difference wasn’t as much (and would probably be eaten up by the checked bag fees), it looked like the direct flights on United were also a bit cheaper than the Southwest flights.

  2. This coupled with the cutbacks on Fantasmic make me start to wonder… . I also just checked costs to MCO, which were more expensive last week than they were today.

    Are there other “low-tourism” situations being put into place?


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