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“Plaid Dreams” Disneyland Guest Relations Goofing Off

Sometimes the stuff I find on Youtube is so bizzare I can’t resist posting it here. This video is called “Plaid Dreams” and was produced by Disneyland Guest Relations Cast Members circa 2001. It’s full of in-jokes and faces that will be familiar to anyone who was a frequent visitor or cast member at Disneyland from 1999-2002.

The first part of this video is borderline offensive at parts and just plain bizzare for the rest. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how well the Disneyland Tour Guide costume would work as a drag, this video is, how should I put it, revealing. (But totally SFW)

The second, and longer, part is more of a traditional Disneyland Cast Member produced video. Highlighting Guest Relations and touring California Adventure. It was fun to see familiar faces in there, including Jorge and Jason (Progressland).

The video description claims Cynthia Harriss put the kabosh on this series after seeing just this first video. I can see why.