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This Week On The BIG 3 – Disney Fan Podcast Review

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Ricky revisits Wall-E and Pleasure Island on Inside the Magic, has he changed his mind? From The WDWRadio Show, Jeff Pepper helps answer email and, wait, Lou smells? And we find Paul from Window to the Magic where else? Disneyland. All this and more on


This week on Inside the Magic, the “News from Around the World” reminds you to check your fastpasses for perferated edges, leave your gun at home or you will be fired, and hey, what do ya know; Tokyo’s got a new hotel. Ricky discusses what he liked about Wall-E, apparently only the beginning. He rolls out some listener feedback of the sort that proves there are others out there that liked it as much as he did. I’m hoping next week’s show will have some feedback from those that actually enjoyed the movie. The end of this week’s review provides us with Ricky’s take on how he would have made the movie had Pixar given him a call. I do hope Ricky gives Wall-E another go ’round. Be sure to tune in this week to hear more.

Skipper Ben returns to wax nostalgic on his cast¬† member days at Pleasure Island. Apparently, it was a writhing mass of hot, sweaty sex with no cover charge. Why didn’t I get an invite? He tows the party line like a good former cast member urging us all to hold our breath for the next great thing. And, oh by the way, Guitar Hero Aerosmith rocks.

Ricky reads some listener feedback calling him out for making opinions about the Adventurer’s Club when he’s never been there and a few who think everyone is going overboard about it all. Ricky admits he was giving his opinion about PI in general and insists he’s going to visit the Adventurer’s Club in the near future. Maybe September 28th, Ricky?

Check out Inside the Magic #171 for all this and much more

In the news this week on WDWRadio, I’m thrilled to hear that HSM2 is finally on its way out. What a relief I can’t wait to see what will be replacing it, oh wait, HSM3? Good grief! On a much happier note the Country Bears are finally scheduled for refurbishment. A choir of angels has broken into song!! For the rest of the news check out the show this week.

The Top 10 list is definitely something different. Lou and Tim Foster from Guide to the Magic discuss the Top 10 Smells at Walt Disney World. Yes, you read that right, Smells. Popcorn and Casey’s hot dogs make the list. Good choices. Tim calls Lou out for not sharing his popcorn with his family. Wait a minute, did I hear something about Stitch’s chili dog and musty indoor water rides? I think my ear buds need a cleaning. If you want to hear the rest of the list be sure to tune in this week.

Lou admits to having a bit of Hochberg-itis when it comes to answering his email. Jeff Pepper and Lou tackle all the biggies. Are the fireworks really worth the time? What other guides can you recommend? Will the dining reservation system become web based? What does Lou think about the Backstage Magic tour? For the answers to these questions and more tune in to WDWRadio for this week. Oh, if you have any Birnbaum guides from ’83-’88 contact Lou he’s missing them from his collection.

If any of these fun topics interest you tune into WDWRadio #75.

As always, it’s a joy to hear audio from the parks. This week’s show is reminiscent of WTTM24. Ahh, how I miss my Friday dose of Window to the Magic.

We join Paul and Uncle Bob at Disneyland. We’re treated to the musical stylings of Mr. Paul Barrie as he gives his Uncle the grand tour of DCA. The craziest thing is Paul and his Uncle sound almost EXACTLY alike. First we take a spin on Monster’s Inc. That little Boo is so cute. Then we brave the terror of The Hollywood Tower Hotel. Paul points out some interesting hidden gems in the Tower of Terror queue. Of course, there is the requisite girly screaming. But, was that Paul or Uncle Bob? To ease their pain the boys toddle off to do some wine tasting, a good way to end the day.

You’ll find all this and lots of fun family banter on Window to the Magic #156.

And so this edition of This Week on the BIG 3 comes to an end. Have questions or comments feel free to contact me. Tune in to The Disney Blog to see what the BIG 3 have in store for us next week. Until then, See Ya Real Soon!