Predicting Fall TV Success for ABC

Horizon Media’s annual television report is out and it’s mixed reviews for the strength of ABC’s fall schedule.

With ABC shifting reality veterans “Wife Swap” and “Supernanny” to Fridays in the fall, the report speculated that the network will take control of the evening from longtime winner CBS.

Grey’s Anatomy is also predicted to remain strong. However the new show “Life On Mars” will likely struggle in its timeslot, even with the Grey’s Anatomy lead-in.

What are your predictions?

3 thoughts on “Predicting Fall TV Success for ABC”

  1. I hope Life on Mars is good. The original from the BBC was very good, but hopefully it doesn’t lose anything in the transition.

  2. Life on Mars was massive in the UK – I didn’t realise they were making a US version.

    I find it odd that we Brits love to watch US tv shows – Grey’s CSI Lost etc – but that when someone sees a good english show like the Office or Mars they have to remake it for the American audience!

  3. Wife Swap should have been cancelled long ago! Here’s hoping that it finally disappears soon! If that’s the type of show on ABC Fridays, I won’t be watching.

    SciFi Channel has both ABC and CBS beat on Fridays. I love Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. These shows are creative and dramatic.

    Wife Swap claims to be a reality show. It is basically a scripted show that victimizes participants and requires no creativity from writers. The only drama is the Jerry Springer moments that cater to the lowest form of entertainment value. It is not a show for families!

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