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Reading, Riding, Roundup

If you were unable to make it to the Magic Kingdom for 4th of July Fireworks, has your back. Check out this view from inside the park and this one from the beach of the Polynesian.

I was thinking a bit about the forecast closure of the Adventurer’s Club and some of the earlier projects that Disney closed over the years. In Walt Disney World one of the most beloved attractions was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. So I moseyed on over to where they’re trying to recreate the lost attraction in a 3-D model and what did they have on the front page, a protest about the closing of the Adventurer’s Club. I wish them better luck with this protest.

I had the pleasure to sit in on a 1-hour class by Disney sign-language expert Mark Jones. He made learning sign language fun and easy with an act he could talk on the road and charge admission for. Now he’s been profiled in the Orlando Sentinel with some attached videos so you can learn some of the signs exclusive to the world of Disney.

The NY Times goes behind the scenes of Disney On Ice, which is a co-production of Disney Theatrical and Feld Entertainment. Disney On Ice has been a success story over the last few years, although it largely flies under the radar.

Didier Ghez has an early look at a much anticipated book on ‘Disney Dogs‘ as part of an interview with it’s author. The book comes out in October, just before Disney’s BOLT! hits the theaters.

Finally, please take a look at my current selection of eBay auctions. Eight end tonight. In particular, there are two Hannah Montana ONE-OF-A-KIND handmade scrapbook items that any little kid would love. Your support helps The Disney Blog and you get something collectible in return. Thank you.