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Disney Parks slowly moves onto Twitter

Disney Parks is essentially the global marketing arm for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. They’ve slowly been exploring this thing called Web 2.0, or alternatively Social Media. That Disney Mom’s club, that’s them.

Now they’ve just launched two new products a YouTube channel and @wdwnews on twitter. @wdwnews is essentially a rebroadcast of stories you can already find on the website. The DisneyParks YouTube Channel is kicking off with a contest. Just submit a video that captures your favorite family memory of Walt Disney World vacation and you could win a Dream Disney Vacation or an Annual Pass if you’re a runner up.

You can also follow @disneyauditions and @disneyhousing (although that might be boring since it’s just for Walt Disney World College Program participants who are staying in Disney housing) on twitter if you so desire.

Btw, you can always follow The Disney Blog on Twitter. Plus, I’m now set up on FriendFeed which complements twitter and other social media with a stream of news with comments and ‘rooms’ where like minded people can share links and comments. I recommend just jumping in with both feet, subscribe to TheDisneyBlog ( and join the ‘Disney’ fan ( room then watch for people whose links you agree with or find interesting and subscribe to them too.

I’m excited to see Disney move further in this direction and look forward to seeing what comes next.

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