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A few months ago when received it’s big makeover, managers were candid about the fact that this was largely an exploratory phase of the website. They wanted to see what worked, what didn’t, what they could do better, and what users were drawn to. They’ve had some time to check things out and now their ready to start making some changes.

What will those changes be? Well the NY Times says that for one thing, Disney will be changing the look and feel to be much more friendly to the websites younger users. There will be more free video (think YouTube), more games, and even some mobile applications.

Myself, I was never particularly won over by either the old or new design. For me has always been a utility site. I go there when I need an answer to a question, a movie or tv show website, or occasionally to see some original content. So, I’ll reserve judgment until I see the new changes, but from what I hear it sounds like they’re leaving users like me behind for people who see as an entertainment channel.