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Joe Ranft Tribute in Toy Story Midway Mania

TSMM – Joe Ranft Tribute

Originally uploaded by indigoskye

I had been through the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of the Toy Story Midway Mania! Fastpass queue at least a dozen times before I noticed this wonderful detail. Just before you enter the main queue room, there’s a blue bookend with the title of “Magic Made Easy” with the author J. Ranft.

It’s a tribute to Joe Ranft, a Pixar story artist who died in a tragic auto accident back in 2005. Besides being incredibly talented, funny, and warm hearted, Ranft was a bit of a magician, hence the book title.

It’s obvious his absence is still keenly felt in the halls of Emeryville. Major points to Walt Disney Imagineering for adding this detail.

There is one mystery detail remaining; the book’s publisher is “Planet Fog Press”, (see photo on flickr) which I assume pays homage to the California San Francisco Bay Area. But if you know different, please chime in below.