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VMK still running at one Disney Themepark

Fans of Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom don’t get your hopes up, but there is at least one spot where you can find VMK running inside a Disney theme park. Here’s a hint:

Disney\'s VMK Demo

Click through to see where this was found:

VMK under glass

This laptop is running a demo version of VMK inside the ‘Disney Online’ display in the “One Man’s Dream” attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Ironic, eh.

5 thoughts on “VMK still running at one Disney Themepark”

  1. i thought this was it about comming back and being able to still play it somewhere… oh well :(

    it is kind of ironic though… when you really thing about the whole situation
    does anyone know if the game in the attraction actually works?

  2. It definitely was a video playing on the screen. When I visited a month or so ago, you could see the Windows Media Player window around the content.

  3. Either they are saving it for people to look at to see what it was like or they might be thinking of bringing it back. Who knows. I say if we write to them and ask them long enough they might reconsider putting it back on. I hardly play any of the other games that Disney has. If they brought it back i would pay to play it in a heartbeat.

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