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Disney gets Green, buys Ideal Bite

CNET is reporting that Disney has bought “Ideal Bite”, a ‘green’ focused e-newsletter.

The price was about $15 million, PaidContent reported. That’s a lot smaller than Club Penguin, which Disney acquired for $350 million last year.

Ideal Bite is small even as far as e-mail lists go–it’s no DailyCandy–but its demographic was likely of interest to a buyer like Disney. The site’s median household income is $82,000, press materials state; the median age is 35; and the target demographic is the sort that “drinks organic wine after yoga.” In other words, yuppie moms.

The Walt Disney Company certainly does a lot in this area that they could be crowing about. So while this purchase is a little surprising, it’s nice to see Disney investing in this area. (Read)