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Toy Story Midway Mania, an Engineer’s look

Michael has a brand new Disney blog called “All Things Disney.” His most recent post deconstructs one of the photos of the Cast Member control panel for Toy Story Midway Mania at California Adventure in Anaheim.

About half way down is a distance picture of the operator’s station. The controls look fairly normal for this type of attraction, and then to the immediate left is a flat panel display turned in portrait mode.

One interesting by note here that I noticed in this and other pictures is that Disney and other ride operators seem to default to the more common sense format of ‘green’ means good, ‘red’ means bad. Having worked in an industrial application for a while in college though (a coal fired power plant), I find it interesting since in those industries ‘red’ means engaged and operating and green means ‘dis-engaged’ or ‘clear to approach’. Maybe they use a mix of the two, but that would be even worse I would think.

I’m not sure he got all the details right on the attractions capacity. But it’s a good read and a great start to a new blog. (Read)