What (Not) to Wear On your Disney Vacation

Daily Idea, a popular video blog, has turned its vlogger eye toward the many unsightly fashions of the typical Disney World tourist. The result is side splitting, and sometimes seem splitting, humor.

It’s all in good fun, I’m sure.

5 thoughts on “What (Not) to Wear On your Disney Vacation”

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  2. This video is a complete waste of time. While I do see funny things that people wear everytime I go to disney, there is nothing funny about this video. The two clowns on the video lack any real personality. Even for internet video, there are a lot better people to put in front of the camera than these dopes.

  3. I thought this was hilarious!! My favorites have to be the fanny pack or the Disney tattoos….I love Disney, but have no need for Tinkerbell to be a permanent part of my body! Too funny!

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