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Get well soon Doc Hudson, Paul Newman diagnosed with Cancer

Update: Paul Newman’s camp says KTLA has it wrong. No terminal cancer for Doc Hudson. Whew.

It’s impossible to sum up Paul Newman’s career, charity work, love for racing and life in a single post. I’m certainly not the person to try. I’ve been a fan of his for what seems like my whole life. His role of Butch Cassidy in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” hit theaters the same year I was born.

More recently, a whole new generation was introduced to Paul Newman when he provided the voice for Doc Hudson, a former racing champion car hiding from live by living in a small town, for Pixar’s hit film, “Cars”.

Newman recently had to cancel a few appearances and now KTLA is reporting that the actor has been diagnosed with a terminal case of Lung Cancer. Let’s hope those rumors are false, but if they’re not, I hope a full recovery is in order for the legend, even if it takes a miracle.