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Disney Links for Monday Night Roundup

  • The Universal Studios Hollywood fire was started by a worker’s heating tool says the LA Times.
  • Moviefone’s top 25 Animated Movies of all time. Yes, the Lion’s share are Disney. But I still think there are some bizarre inclusions and omissions. Plus how can you not rank Walt Disney’s Snow White as the best.
  • If there’s one new fall show from ABC that I’m really looking forward to it’s “Life On Mars.” That’s the American version of the popular British series from a few years ago. Alas, TV Squad is reporting that confusion reigns when it comes to the status of the show. We know most of the cast and that filming has been moved to New York City, but a lot seems up in the air. Please don’t mess this up Disney, it could be a really cool show.
  • Jeff Pepper from 2719 Hyperion has reviewed David Price’s “The Pixar Touch“.
  • Amid at Cartoonbrew chimes in with his own take on the NY Times article about the merger of Disney and Pixar. In short, Pixar is still rocketing along, but Disney might need some additional help.
  • The Orlando Sentinel checks in with a report card from Cypress Gardens since their bankruptcy. Everything looks to be on track. But I’m afraid of the affect Gas Prices will have on Orlando area residents making the journey south (especially if they aren’t even making it to Hwy-192.).

1 thought on “Disney Links for Monday Night Roundup”

  1. That top 25 list is Bizarre. I think what the list didn’t do a good job of is evaluating the film in more of a historical context of when it was released. It is more based purely on the quality of the animation and the storeyline in my opinion. Hence Snow White falls short, when I agree considering it’s historical importance it should be #1 and Toy Story should be #2 since Toy Story is sort to the new CGI animation world what Snow White was to featured animations in general.

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