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Disney’s Magical Express feeling pain of Baggage Fees

All these new baggage fees being levied by the airlines aren’t just affecting the traveler’s pocket book, they’re making it more difficult for Disney’s Magical Express free shuttle service for Walt Disney World resort guests to get its job done. The Orlando Sentinel writes that

because it doesn’t charge for the shuttle or the baggage service, Disney World does not have an obvious way to collect the new baggage-check fees — as much as $25 a person — from guests who want to check two bags through Magical Express on the way home.

The changes have already caused some confusion at Disney hotels. Disney says it has continued to allow departing guests to check two pieces of luggage at their hotels, but some employees when questioned this week said their understanding was that people flying home on an airline with a second-bag fee have to check that second bag by themselves at the airport.

There are a couple different solutions being offered. But they can get quite confusing especially if you’re a guest who is worn out after a long hard vacation full of mind numbing fun at Walt Disney World and just wants to get home. Essentially guests will now have to pay for those bags (via phone at first and eventually at the hotel) before Disney will let them load their baggage for DME. That makes the experience just a little less magical and introduces all sorts of gray areas for potential confusion.

Also, don’t forget the fact that every dollar spent on getting to Central Florida is one less dollar in the local economy. So higher fuel and transportation costs will affect the bottom line eventually.