After you see Indy, go see him again at Disneyland

Disneyland has invited intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones to explore Adventureland in celebration of
his latest movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. After rescuing the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail from the forces of evil, returning the Sankara Stones to their rightful place, and battling sinister foreign agents to find a mysterious Crystal Skull, what’s Indiana Jones going to do next? He’s going to Disneyland!

Beginning May 22, deep in the heart of Adventureland – not far from the treacherous Temple of the Forbidden Eye, home to the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction – the daring Dr. Jones will take Disneyland guests on a thrilling series of exploits in the season-long “Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries”.

Guests will be invited to become archaeologists, to interact with Indy himself and to journey deep into exotic jungles to unscramble clues, all the while learning what life is like for one of the greatest adventure heroes of all time.

Among the highlights of the “Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries”, created by Disneyland Entertainment in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd.:

  • Random Acts of Indy – In the crowded streets of exotic Adventureland, guests never know when Indiana Jones might make an appearance. It could be in their midst, perhaps it will be high overhead, or even right next to them as Indy dashes by. But look fast, because Indy’s never in one place for long, especially when he’s being pursued by sinister villains!
  • Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger – In this intimate storytelling adventure presented multiple times each day at The Oasis, young Disneyland Park guests will uncover clues, decipher codes and embark on an archeological journey that culminates in an appearance by Indy himself!
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Map – Disneyland Park guests will explore just like Indy does when they pick up a collectible Adventure Map filled with mysterious clues. Artifacts and symbols are hidden throughout Adventureland and once they are revealed guests will find a special code, which they can take home to claim exclusive Indiana Jones digital content courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. It’s all at starting May 22.
  • Indiana Jones Meets the Jungle Cruise – One of the all-time classic Disneyland attractions takes on a distinctly Indiana Jones flavor this summer as guests are invited to find unexpected Indy-themed surprises along some of the most mysterious rivers of the world.
  • New Indy Photo Location – Guests can boast to their friends back home that they outran a giant rolling boulder just like Indy himself – and then they can prove it with photographic evidence.

Indiana Jones Attraction Redefined The “E-Ticket” Experience

In addition to the special events offered throughout the “Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries”, the Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction continues to thrill guests daily – more than 95 million of them since its opening in 1995.

The Indiana Jones Adventure comes to life in an expedition through the fabled Temple of the Forbidden Eye, mysteriously hidden deep within the dense jungles of India. Look for action and thrills around every corner in this Disneyland guest-favorite where guests, boarding well-worn WWII troop transports, embark on what appears to be a standard archaeological tour.

Built long ago in tribute to the powerful deity Mara, the temple was rediscovered by Dr. Jones and his expedition team. According to temple lore, Mara could “look into your very soul,” and then grant the “pure of heart” one of threemagical gifts: unlimited wealth, eternal youth or future knowledge. However, the ancient legend also issues a stern warning: “A terrible fate awaits those who gaze upon the eyes of Mara!” Dr. Jones would only say, “Records indicate that many have come… but few have returned.”

Prior to boarding, guests are instructed by Indy’s longtime friend Sallah to look away from the eyes of Mara. He also asks them to keep an eye out for Indy, who entered the temple but has been missing from the expedition.

For those who dare look into the eyes of Mara, their journey takes a perilous twist. Their vehicles encounter clouds of smoke, fire, bubbling lava pits, ominous steam vents, a crumbling ceiling – even an “up close” confrontation with Mara. Legend says that Mara vaporizes the “unworthy” with beams of fire and other horrors such as screaming mummies, horrible bugs and rodents, snakes and poisonous darts.

Explorers discover even more surprises around every bend in this subterranean world where, just like in the blockbuster movies, escape is only temporary as they traverse a shaking suspension bridge, suffer an avalanche of creepy crawlies and face a gigantic rolling ball which threatens to flatten them and their vehicle. The journey is set apart by the fact that Disneyland Park guests never experience the same ride twice.

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2 thoughts on “After you see Indy, go see him again at Disneyland”

  1. Dr. Nigel Channing

    Will get to witness this first hand in 12 days! Woo!

    Looking forward to seeing the interaction (and so is my 10 y/o son).

  2. Pretty cute little show, with participation for the kids. Saw one of the government crates floating in the river on the Jungle Cruise, but I was kind of surprised that the skipper never mentioned Indy at all.

    We only heard the music from the random acts of Indy, as we were in the Jungle Cruise queue at the time, but we did the adventure map and got my download of 3 wallpapers just now.

    Picked up some new Indy pins, a fedora and an Indy postcard in the shop across from the Jungle Cruise. They also had a restored Indiana Jones pinball machine that my husband wanted to play, but a kid put in 3 games’ worth of quarters as we were paying for my loot and we didn’t want to wait.

    Definitely a nice little bit of entertainment for the Indy fans visiting the park this season. :)

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