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Fanny Pack Antics – tourists lampooned for fun and profit (okay maybe not profit)

Fanny Pack Tourist at Epcot in Feb 2007Fanny Pack Antics is a humorous website that takes an irreverent look at the fashion faux pas of the wild, and often wooly, tourist. From the ubiquitous Fanny Pack to the omnipresent mullet, you’ll find plenty to guffaw over.

As you might guess, a few of the websites targets can be found traipsing along the pathways of Walt Disney’s various theme parks. Here is a recent post with a few from Disneyland. Another that pokes fun a tourists involved in ‘dance lessons‘ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Fanny Pack Antics is looking for new submissions and will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for every photo accepted. So go snap a photo of a bizzare tourist in the wild and help save a Panda.

(above photo from Scottbowling via Flickr Creative Commons license and is not part of Fanny Pack Antics, but maybe someone should submit it)