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Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund renamed

This morning, during Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 10-year anniversary celebration, I was surprised to see that a new name and a new logo was introduced for Disney’s conservation outreach efforts, changing the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

Erin Wallace, Dr Jane Goodall, and Joe Rohde helped announce the new name along with a commitment to at least another ten marvelous years of Disney’s Animal Kingdom caring for the planet.

The new name helps build on Disney’s commitment to conservation, and communicates the broader vision for the future of the DWCF which is not only wildlife focused but also supports ecosystems and community conservation.

With the opening of the Animal Kingdom in 1998, a one-of a-kind opportunity presented itself not only to showcase animals and their environment, but to share a legacy of commitment to animal conservation, research and education as well. As a way to enable inspired Guests to help support and share in our commitment to the protection of wildlife and wild places, the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund (DWCF) was created. Because of the success of this approach, the DWCF has awarded over $11 million to fund more than 650 comprehensive conservation programs worldwide.

“We are extraordinarily proud of the DWCF partnerships to date, said Jerry Montgomery, Senior Vice President of Conservation & Environmental Sustainability for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “The new name, Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, better communicates our global dedication to inspiring our company’s Guests and consumers, Cast Members, Crew Members and employees to conservation awareness and action.