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Disney to Launch Nature Movie Label

The Walt Disney Company announced today that it is launching a new film label called Disneynature. The label will release wildlife focused and environmental movies for theaters starting with the 2009 release “Earth.”

“Our goal at Disneynature is to bring big event films as only nature can tell,” said Dick Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. Jean-Francois Camilleri, producer of the popular documentary “The March of the Penguins,” will head the label from France. Additional films already planned include “Chimpanzee” and “Big Cats,” both set in Africa.

This, of course, brings to mind one of Walt Disney’s favorite projects, the True Life Adventures films. True Life Adventures played an important role in turning what was a Feature Animation studio into a full-fledged movie studio capable of a wide range of film, television, and other entertainment.

Does anyone find the ‘Disneynature’ name weird? Disney Animation isn’t Disneyanimation, nor is feature film Disneypictures. It’s more like they’re trying to align the label with Disneyland.

More on “Earth” at Yahoo News.