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Impressions of Aquatica

Seaworld Orlando opened Aquatica last week with a great opening ceremony and a large group of guests in attendance. I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony but did. Check out their typical great coverage with video and photos.

LaughingPlace owner Doobie send me these impressions from the event:

First off, I liked Aquatica a lot. Now that said, here’s why I was disappointed. I expected Aquatica to redefine water parks – at least in Central Florida. I expected it to clearly be the superior water park in the area. I don’t believe that’s what it was. I think the best water park in Central Florida needed to do at least one of three things

1) Deliver amazing animal encounters – this is what I expected from a Sea World park
2) Create a lush, immersive, highly themed environment
3) Have amazing slides either being extreme slides or something like Crushin’ Gusher

Aquatica doesn’t deliver any of these three. Even #1, the area where it should be the most successful, I think it falls short of Typhoon Lagoon with its Shark Reef attraction.

All that said, Aquatica is a very good park. It’s very easy to get around with lots of fun bridges (I love bridges!). While everyone I heard get off Dolphin Plunge said they couldn’t see the dolphins (we stood there for a while as people exited), they also said they enjoyed it a lot. The lines were pretty long but everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I like the layout of the park. The fast moving rapids looked so much fun. The food we had was very good. I definitely recommend people give it a visit. They should just go in with proper expectations which I did not. But I look forward to going back and actually doing stuff.

Thanks Doobie, I look forward to my first visit to Aquatica too.