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Imagineer Joe Rohde Fan Site

I don’t know of too many other Walt Disney Imagineers who have their own fan website, but Joe Rohde, the moving force behind much of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, has one. Sadly it hasn’t been kept current for 2007, but there are plenty of good nuggets anyway.

For instance, Tokyo’s Tower of Terror features a character named Harrison Hightower, who looks an awful lot like Joe Rohde (scroll to bottom to see other images).

4 thoughts on “Imagineer Joe Rohde Fan Site”

  1. Not surprising, considering the projects he has been involved with and how much he’s been out there in the media, including on those cable shows that talk about WDW. Years ago, the late author and Imagineer Bruce Gordon was featured in a fan site that was kind of tongue-in-cheek. Goodness, I miss that guy.

  2. Joe Rohde may have his own fan site(s) because like Walt he’s great in front of the camera and personable. Unlike Walt, Joe is definitely eccentric in dress. A persona can look at him and immediately tell his body is coursing with creative energy.

    He ranks high on my list of Imagineers I want to have a meal with

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