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Mickey Mouse, Vincent Price & Me

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In the early 80’s I was in elementary school. We didn’t have a lot of money but my parents were wiling to splurge on things they thought were important. One thing that was a must was basic cable. Why would cable be important? Because of the Disney Channel!

Disney Channel began in 1983 and I remember loving it! We watched Dumbo’s Circus, Welcome to Pooh Corner, Mousterpiece Theatre, the 90’s version of the Mickey Mouse Club (be still my heart!) and my little brother’s favorite, The Raccons.

I also loved all the in-between programming on the Disney Channel. I remember Dtv (classic Disney cartoons set to more modern songs), the specials on Disney World and even the Mickey Mouse ears logo that I doodled in every single one of my school notebooks.

But my favorite part of the Disney Channel was receiving the Disney Channel Magazine. I don’t think TV channels make these anymore, but it was like a TV Guide just for their station. And of course, the Disney Channel’s was the best. Disney trivia, special info about the parks, interviews with the cast of their shows and more. Back in the day, you weren’t inundated with information like we are today. So, getting a magazine about Disney every month was magical to us!

Once there was a contest called Read, Write and Draw in the Disney Channel Magazine. They gave the beginning of a story. That’s the “read”. Then you had to write your own ending and draw a picture to go with it. I remember my brother and I diligently working on our stories and coloring our pictures. We sent them in hoping we’d win the prize–not a trip to Disney, not a guest gig on the MMC, no, the prize was having Vincent Price read our stories on The Disney Channel!

A few weeks later, I got a letter from one of my pen pals (oh, how the internet has changed things! who has pen pals anymore?!) and she said, “Oh, I just saw your story on the Disney Channel!”


My story? On the Disney Channel?! So, we turned it to channel 22 and watched it nonstop until lo and behold, Read Write and Draw came on. And sure enough, my man, Vincent Price was there reading my story! Holding my picture!

And no VCR to record it.

Oh, Disney, Disney! I’ve scoured the internet for any mention of my screen time with Vincent. Do you not keep all the old tapes or film or magic pixie dust that stores the old shows?!

And that folks, is my favorite Disney moment. I had a little piece of Disney magic right in my very own home. I feel a little more connected to the Mouse just thinking about it!

Have some Disney Magic to share? What’s your favorite Disney moment?

(and hey, there’s always a little magic at my bloggy home,, come visit, I’d love to chat!)