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Lost: The Other Woman

I should have known after two very full episodes (Kate’s Eggtown and Desmond’s The Constant) we wouldn’t be getting very much from this episode. It’s hard for me to get excited about Juliet but I think they are really trying to show she’s likable and make us feel bad for her. I always felt Juliet was the “other woman” anyway, among my tight ensemble cast of Losties, but this episode shows us anther part of her Other-ness.

Let’s start with Juliet since we’re already there, shall we?
The scene opens with Juliet discussing her arrival (to where?) with a therapist. I think they were trying to trick us to thinking that she was one of the Six. But I knew better, this was an honest to goodness flashback to when Juliet first arrived on the Island.

Her therapist, Harper, is not very nice. I’m not sure how she got that job. Anyway, before they get too far in their session, Tom sticks his head in (with a nice haircut) and says that Ben wants to see Juliet. Ben gives her a welcome gift of a two-bedroom house, some flowers and a full collection of classical opera cds. She’s shocked and says, “I’m only going to be here six months.” Ben says, “Right.”

Soon, we see a little relationship develop between Juliet & Goodwin. Remember him? He was the pretend tailie that Ana Lucia knocked off? Oh yeah, and we already knew that Juliet slept with him in a previous episode. Anyway, over a chemical burn and a chicken salad sandwich, we their relationship begin. We also so see Ben’s jealousy erupt. Apparently the entire island knows that Ben has a crush on Juliet. (Ew. Imagine dating Ben. *shudder*)

Harper, Juliet’s therapist and oh yeah, Goodwin’s wife, finally confronts Juliet about her relationship with Goodwin. She’s not too upset about the actual relationship, she’s more concerned that if Ben finds out, Goodwin will be hurt. (Oh, and she also mentions that Ben likes Juliet because “you look just like her”. Hmmm….)

Sure enough, another flashback to when 815 crashes and Ben tells Goodwin to go to the tailie section. (I love seeing scenes again! It’s like Back to the Future’s bad-good-1985!) Harper and Juliet exchange knowing, worried glances as Goodwin immediately obeys Ben’s order.

Finally, we see Ben leading Juliet through the jungle. He shows her an impaled (and very dead) Goodwin. Juliet is mortified. She realizes Ben sent Goodwin to the tailies on purpose (very David & Bathseba, don’t you think?) and asks, “Why did you bring me here?!” He says, “Why? After all I did to get you here? After all I did to keep you here? BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE!” I loved that scene because you almost (I repeat, almost) get the impression that Ben might say, “Because I love you, Juliet!” but true to Ben’s disgusting, i’m-better-than-god complex, he spits out “YOU’RE MINE!” Poor Juliet. (See, I told you, they were trying to make me feel bad for her!)

Now, back to the future…or the present, whatever.
The Losties are still on the beach. Faraday and Charlotte have gone into the jungle. Juliet & Jack follow them when of course, it starts to rain. (I think Jin & Sun went too, but they are never shown again. Weird.) Suddenly, Juliet hears the whispers and Harper stands before her. CREEPY. She tells Juliet that Faraday & Charlotte went to The Tempest and that to stop them from killing the entire Island, Ben wants her to kill them. At first I thought this was one of those black-smoke-vision thingies. But just then, Jack walks through the jungle and sees her, too. But then, freakishly enough, she disappears among some more whispers.

Jack demands Juliet tell her what’s going on. She barely explains and tells Jack that The Tempest is a station that powers the island. She is very emotional and finally asks Jack just to help her.

Meanwhile, we see Faraday & Charlotte in the jungle discussing whether or not they can do what needs to be done. Just then Kate enters (perfect timing). She quizzes them, doesn’t believe them and when she sees gas masks in their bags, is knocked out by Charlotte. (She’s bad to the bone!)

Juliet & Jack soon come upon a hurt Kate. Juliet secretly leaves Jack with Kate. She reaches The Tempest and sees Faraday in full protective gear. She thinks he is trying to release a deadly gas (the same one Ben used to kill the original Dharma folks) on the Island. Faraday says he is trying to render it useless. After a stupid girl fight (I hate those!) between Juliet & Charlotte, Juliet decides not to kill them.

And of course, with one second to spare, Faraday succeeds and the Island is safe.

Jack and Kate get there just in time to miss all the action. Kate enters the station with Charlotte. Then begins a pretty decent conversation between the Jack & Juliet. She tells him that “these people” are going to wage war on Ben but Ben is going to win. She also tells Jack that doesn’t want to be anywhere near her when this happens. Jack asks why. In a very open moment, Juliet says that Ben thinks she is his AND he knows how she feels about Jack.

*cue the kiss*

Jack steps in and gives her a firm kiss on the mouth. The kind of kiss that says, “I’m not going anywhere.” I thought it was nice and appropriate. But also wasted. I mean, knowing that Kate stomped out on Sawyer and is going to be Aaron’s mama and wishes Jack would come back to her house, makes the kiss not seem so special, you know?

Now, let’s get to Locke’s camp and the real freak factor…
Locke is still making meals for Ben and delivering it to him. (WHY? I’d be sliding that stuff under the door! Every word that comes out of Ben’s mouth is poison!) And of course, Ben tries to make a deal with Locke. In exchange for living in a house, Ben will give Locke some information.

And for some RIDICULOUS reason, Locke agrees! Seriously, if we do not get a Locke story soon, I’m not going to be able to keep supporting him! I’m usually always on the faith side, but his faith is getting out of control! I need some proof that Locke knows what he’s doing.

Ben shows Locke a safe behind a picture in his house. Inside is a video tape labeled, “Red Sox”. (Remember, for Jack?) Ben says, “I taped over the game.” The video shows Charles Widmore, Penelope’s dad, getting out of a car and beating a guy. That’s it.

This apparently is proof that Widmore is after the Island and wants to exploit it’s supernatural qualities. Now, let’s just think logically here for a second. Does Ben really think that Widmore could exploit the Island? The Island controls everything! Once Widmore got on The Island, it would just swallow him up with the big smoke monster, or show him his long lost dog or something! So for Ben to believe this is ridiculous and for Locke to buy it is even more foolhardy.

Locke then asks for one more thing. He wants to know who Locke’s man is on the boat. Ben says, “You might want to sit down for this.” And of course, we never hear who it is. (Who do you think? Michael, maybe?)

The episode ends with Sawyer and Hurley watching Ben carry sheets to his new home. And nary a nickname in sight.

Best line of the night:
Juliet, “Being an Other is stressful, Jack.”

Answers we got:
We know that…uhm…well…I don’t think we got any answers. Surprise, surprise!

Questions we now/still have:
Is Ben even remotely being truthful with Locke?
Is Locke crazy?
Is Widmore really trying to exploit the island?
How can Penelope and her dad not know they are looking for the same island?
Who is Ben’s man on the boat?
Why is Kate so stupid?
Who does Juliet look just like?
What is the real relationship between the Jack/Juliet/Kate love triangle going to be?

Random Theory
These new people do wage war on Ben and Ben does win. The Oceanic Six (especially Jack) are being punished, manipulated and sent to death (like Goodwin) by being “rescued” and returned to the United States. Everything is going to boil down to a personal vendetta of Ben’s.

In conclusion…
I liked this episode. I always like island flashbacks. I don’t like not getting too many answers. Was there something I missed? Did you pick up something I missed? Comment away, I’d love to hear it! I’m just looking forward to the next few episodes…I read they are cramming eight episodes into five, so we’ve got to get some answers soon!

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