Pixar News – Wall-E and Up

Slashfilm reports on five WALL-E clips that were previewed at WonderCon. Plenty of spoilers, so be careful if you want to remain spoiler free. But suffice it to say that everyone was impressed. I’m actually a bit surprised that Disney doesn’t have WALL-E dolls and merchandise in the stores already. He’s so cute, I think it would be a huge seller.

Enrico Casarosa has revealed that he is the artist who drew the concept art that has been released for Pixar’s "Up". Daniel Arriaga did the painting. Meanwhile Ronnie Del Carmen reports that he’s just sat through a screening of some early reels for "Up" and he can’t wait to see it in the theaters. Sounds good! I love the sketchcrawl work on both Enrico and Ronnie’s blogs, I wish they posted more.