Disney Composer worried his three Oscar nominations might be too much

Alan Menken returned to Disney to compose songs for "Enchanted", three of those songs have been nominated for an Academy Award. One might think it’s an embarrassment of riches that has Menken down. But this article points out a more interesting cause, he’s worried about a split vote in the Oscar balloting.

The three songs are "Happy Working Song", "So Close", and "That’s How You Know." If you’ve seen the film which one would you recommend Academy members vote for?

4 thoughts on “Disney Composer worried his three Oscar nominations might be too much”

  1. Happy Working Song cracks me up, and I love That’s How You Know. But my vote would be for So Close despite the fact that it could pass for a mainstream song. It’s those lovely little “swirls” in the music that get me. It’s like you can hear them dancing, and it always brings up visions of that scene in my mind when I hear it. And… Ok… It makes me cry.

  2. I saw a lot of movies last year. Not many musicals, I admit. But “That’s How You Know” undoubtedly had the most energy of any 5 minutes of film I saw all year — totally hilarious how the choreography just kept getting bigger and bigger, but still enjoyable to watch.

    Deserves the Oscar!

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