Disney Moms being noticed

John Spataro over at VisInsights keeps an eye on Social Media use in big companies. John notes that the Disney Mom’s Panel is one of Disney’s first real efforts in the world of Social Media. He does get the history wrong just a bit. The panel has been forming for months, but it went live just a few weeks ago.

The fact that more than 10,000 people volunteered to be one on the
panel tells you how powerful social media can be for Disney in the
years ahead. It’s hard to imagine a brand that doesn’t have more to
gain – or lose – based on how it addresses the new challenges of
communicating with its customers online. Keep in mind, this is a brand
that has a history dating back to Walt himself of controlling every
single item of what has been published about its global company and
image, so getting used to giving up some of that message control is
definitely a bit scary. Look for more good things from the folks at
Disney this year.

I hope you’re right John. Disney could do a lot more in reaching out to the online media and existing social media channels. (Read)