Eli Manning Super Bowl Disney Commercial

Finally found a recording of the "I’m Going To Disneyland / I’m Going To Disney World" commercial. Unfortunately it’s taken off the screen so it’s not the best quality. I’ll keep hunting for a better quality one. Keep an eye on the helmet flying through the clouds at the end of the commercial, some people claim that it’s a silver Patriots helmet and that Disney either forgot or didn’t want to CGI in the correct logo. What do you see?

Update2: It’s back on YouTube (at least until the NFL issues another DMCA request).

Update: Sadly the NFL has made YouTube take down the video. How sad that the NFL has no respect for its fans and the Disney fans who look forward to seeing this commercial each year. It’s a commercial people. It’s supposed to be spread far and wide. Removing it from YouTube serves no purpose. If this was a really cool ad in the newspaper I’d clip it and bring it in to the office to post on my door. It’s a video, so I show it on my blog. If the NFL is threatened by that they need to grow a pair and a new understanding of how their fans pay their salaries. Also, how does Disney feel about the NFL putting the brakes on their marketing campaign? Sorry for the rant, but the NFL is being ridiculous here.

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