Breaking: Eli Manning misses his own Victory Parade at Disneyland reporter Doug has the photographic evidence, World Champion New York Giants Quarterback and Superbowl XLII MVP Eli Manning missed his own victory parade at Disneyland. How sad, I can’t wait to hear the story behind this one?

Update: Brady MacDonald at the LA Times has the backstory on the whole mess.  The upshot is Disney doesn’t know exactly when Manning will have time in his schedule to visit the park and fulfill his commercial promise.

Previously: Eli Manning chosen for Disney’s famous “field of dreams” I’m going to Disneyland / I’m going to Disney World ad campaign.

8 thoughts on “Breaking: Eli Manning misses his own Victory Parade at Disneyland”

  1. I don’t understand…the parades at Disneyland aren’t going to happen for another four hours… how are they saying he’s canceled?

  2. Just a guess, but I suspect something went wrong with the tight scheduling. I read that he was only going to have a very short time at Disneyland between some additional events in Phoenix today and traveling to New York to appear on David Letterman’s show tonight (which tapes late afternoon).

    Disney obviously wanted to try and get him there right away, but I suspect they might have been wise to try for tomorrow or the next day instead…

  3. It’s obvious something went wrong with the timing. I just feel sorry for those Tustin Pop Warner players who not only didn’t get to meet the Superbowl MVP Eli Manning, but were then trotted out on the float anyway.

    Eli, make it up to those kids with some autographed Superbowl Memorabilia, why don’t you?

  4. Wait how did they expect him to get to california today. The superbowl was just last night. Give the guy a break. Hes got enough stuff to do this week. Including a victory parade in NYC tommorrow.

  5. I notice a “sore loser” comment on the LA Times blog, accusing the Giants of playing dirty. Sheesh. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but if that’s a Patriots fan, you’d think they’d shut up about someone else cheating.

  6. We happened to be walking down the sidewalk on Main Street in Disneyland when the parade announcer announced that due to circumstances beyond their control Eli Manning would not be appearing in the morning parade that was making its way down Main Street at the moment. They did have the Pop Warner team from Tustin and a family that had received a makeover from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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