Saturday Evening Post – Link Roundup

Long list of links tonight. Should make some good online reading while we all get ready for the Big Game on Sunday.

  • The Walt Disney Company has extended the contracts of CEO Robert Iger and CFO Thomas Staggs for 5 additional years. That was probably the easiest decision the board of directors ever had to make.
  • With the Oscars looming in the near future, the pressure is on to settle the writer’s strike. Rumors are spreading that a settlement is in fact near. Please let it be so, but I don’t want the writer’s to take a bad deal either. Just get the next 8 episodes of LOST produced. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
  • is getting into the Disney Dreams act by launching a contest of their own that will send 5 lucky families on a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Enter once daily all February long. Enter at
  • In Anaheim, the group opposing Disney has closed and withdrawn its attempt to get an anti-Disney measure on the ballot after SunCal pulled its financial backing. This should put a nail in the coffin of this unfortunate affair. Let’s hope Anaheim voters bury it for good by voting out the City Council members responsible for this mess.
  • I love this great website "Walt Disney World – A History in Postcards". Looks like there will eventually be a book coming out of this, but for now, you can find it online.
  • Rachel at Will Think For Food takes a nostalgic look back at the Disney Afternoon cartoons. Must say I kinda miss them too.
  • Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ "Best Of Both Worlds" 3D movie has actually been getting good reviews and looks to be doing decent at the box office too. This movie apparently has repeatability too. So look for the same kids to return weekend after weekend to watch it again.
  • Speaking of Hannah Montana, you’ll soon be able to buy a lot of product themed to the show at Wal-Mart. Some are wondering if this will dilute her star brand power.
  • Here’s a review for a Dance Dance Revolution: The Disney Channel edition. I should pull out my Disney Dance Dance Revolution again and kick start my exercise routine.
  • Rick Munarriz of The Motley Fool has a vision of the Walt Disney Company’s future. Almost entirely plausible too.
  • Blue Sky Disney remembers Jimmy MacDonald who died this day 17 years ago. JImmy was Mickey Mouse’s official voice after Walt stepped down from the job.
  • My latest batch of Disneyana eBay auctions closes tomorrow night. Please check them out and place a bid that will help support The Disney Blog.