Disney Link Roundup – Monday Makeup

  • Now is your chance to own four copies of the out of print, hard to find, Persistence of Vision magazine via eBay. Paul Anderson may have moved on to different projects, but his work on assembling the best stories of Disney creativity stand the test of time. Paul, if you’re reading this, come back to the five and dime. And if you bid and win, please invite me over to read them sometime.
  • Lynn University student Allen spent 8 months working as an intern for the Walt Disney World College Program. While there he maintained this official blog. His wrap up post really captures the spirit of the program.
  • Everyone is talking about how online games are taking over and targeting our youth. Is it safe? Is it right? Now the LA Times gets in on the act and sets the Walt Disney Company in its sights. Here’s a game I would pay for "SIMagineer" – A combination of SIMcity and Roller Coaster Tycoon with an Imagineering twist. Throw in a social network and you’ll have every Disney theme park geek from here to Mars.
  • Honor Hunter looks back 28 years ago today at the announcement by Oriental Land Company to build Tokyo Disneyland.  Look forward to seeing part II.
  • The Atlanta-Journal Constitution profiles one of the "Disney Moms".
  • Epcot is ready to re-launch "SpaceShip Earth" with an official opening in February. I went on it two weekends ago and they finally had the ‘special effect’ working for the finale. When they say make sure your face is visible in the mirror, they’re prepping your photo for the second half, not for a post-ride photo purchase opportunity (although I wonder why not).
  • Here are two very good entries into Disney’s Chief Magic Official contest: Lou Mongello of WDW Trivia and Jennifer of Broke Hoedown. If you entered feel free to leave a link to your video in the comments. I have no idea who did this one, but it’s very creative too.