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Disney Link Roundup – Sleepy Sunday Edition

  • Jennifer reminds you that entries for Disney’s Chief Magic Official position are due today. Make your 60 second video resume and submit it now. I personally hope Jennifer gets the job.
  • Hkdl_mickeysculpture
    Alain Littaye has press photos of Hong Kong Disneyland all dressed up for it’s "Year Of The Mouse" promotion to tie in with the Chinese new year. I’m digging this sculpture set up in the central plaza.
  • Pixar Planet has a new image from Pixar’s Up. This was found in the Animation exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. If history is any judge many of these images don’t make it into the final film, but if it does, this film appears to owe some pretty serious heritage to Hayao Miyazaki (Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso come to mind).
  • While you weren’t looking The Little Mermaid opened on Broadway. Here’s video from the opening night. Which brings to mind this bit of dialog from The Incredibles. Bob Parr: "What are you waiting for?" Boy on Tricycle: "I don’t know. Something Amazing, I guess." Bob Parr: "Me too."
  • Congratulations to "Pushing Daisies" and "Jump In" both of whom won Directors Guild Awards last night.
  • The Lake County blog has a story of some Disney World cast members and Imagineers who came out to perform for a children’s theater.
  • The iRiver Limited Edition Mickey MPlayer is a trip.

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