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Wednesday Roundup – January 23rd

  • Lucasfilm nets six technical Academy Award nominations for its work on Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Skywalker Sound also got a nod for its work on Ratatouille.
  • The MuppetCast has a new podcast with a tribute to Richard Hunt. I’m listening right now and can already tell you it’s a must for any fan of Henson style puppeteering.
  • Shaun The Sheep is a new show on The Disney Channel. It is from Aardman Animations and uses the same stop motion techniques as "Wallace and Gromit" where the Shaun character first debuted. Also check out this Shaun the Sheep fan site for more fun. I watched a couple episodes with my son the other day and found it to be full of the fun wacky humor I’ve come to expect from Aardman.
  • If you missed the coverage of the Disney’s
    Dreamers Academy at WDW last weekend, you can see what the fuss was about in a bunch of videos that Disney just
    posted on YouTube.
  • Alain Littaye has two great posts with the official press packet and photos from Disney Studios Paris’ Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I also enjoyed his use of the word ‘freat’ in the post. That brings back memories for us oldtimers.
  • I am unhappy with quick plot tie-up at end of "Life on Mars" last night on BBC America. What happened to Sam Tyler’s girlfriend Mya or his other friends we saw at the beginning of the show. Since "Life on Mars" has been optioned by ABC to create a US version, I hope they add in a few more twists. Of course, we may never see it if the writers strike doesn’t end soon.