Best Disney Restaurant Review… Ever!

I was going to go to bed without further posting today, but I just read the most delicious restaurant review I’ve ever consumed when it comes to a Disney dining experience. Orlando Sentinel restaurant critic Scott Joseph decided to venture into the wilds of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and "enjoy" the first full-service restaurant in the park, Yak & Yeti.

Like me, Joseph is not thrilled with the choice of name for this restaurant.

The people behind the first — and only — full-service restaurant inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park set themselves up for derision when they named the place Yak & Yeti and then made what must have been a conscious decision to serve second-rate food. The slogan could be "Yakkity Yak — don’t eat that!"

Wish, I’d thought of that. The whole review continues as such. And ends with this stinger.

management didn’t want the masses spending too much time mulling over
the menu. They’d prefer people come in, choose something, eat, then go
on their way. I suggest skipping the first three steps.

Now, I’ve heard mixed reviews of the establishment, most skewing to the positive. I was still considering whether to try it myself. After this piece, I think I’ll wait until I’ve won the lottery or they’re under new management. Oh Zazu? (Link)