Orlando Sentinel to ‘Twitter’ attraction grand opening at Universal Studios

The Theme Park Rangers over at the Orlando Sentinel are trying something new tomorrow. They’re going to ‘live blog‘ the opening of Universal Studios Orlando’s latest attraction "Disaster". Jump on over to www.twitter.com/themeparks and ‘follow’ the crew (you may also want to send their tweets to your twitter device via the notifications tab).

The Rangers have already posted links to some background material and plan to update as warrants from now until the event is over tomorrow. The press event starts at 10:30 AM. So be sure to get ready by then.

I like the idea, now let’s see how it works in execution.

1 thought on “Orlando Sentinel to ‘Twitter’ attraction grand opening at Universal Studios”

  1. Even though we were at the event this morning, we tried subscribing to the Twitter feed on an iPhone but never received anything. Was it up and running?

    It was a fun morning… we posted a 10-minute video and photos on our site at http://www.attractionsmagazine.com featuring the whole grand opening ceremony, a bit of pre-show and ride footage, plus interviews.

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