Russia Pavilion at Epcot?

Speaking of Epcot. There have been recent rumors that Disney is coming close to a deal with Russia to add that country to the World Showcase. Apparently things are farther along than many suspected. The question is where would the Russia Pavilion be located in the World Showcase?

Here’s a map of the 5 potential sites for the Russia Pavilion at Epcot. These are the empty ‘country’ pads left over from the last expansion of the roster. No new countries have been added since 1988 when Norway joined the ranks. The convention hall now called “World Showplace” was built for the 1999 Millienial Celebration and took up one of the remaining country pads. We’ll assume they want to keep that.

So the map below has five sites, A-E starting with the space between France and Morocco and going to the space between Norway and Mexico. Take a look at the map and then vote in the comments below which site you think is the most likely and why.

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