SeaWorld leaking salt-water into Florida’s Drinking Water Supply?

The Orlando Sentinel has found official papers which indicate that leaks from SeaWorld’s salt water tanks have been leaking into the aquifers that make up much of the drinking water supply in Central Florida.

The problem was first detected in early 2000, when SeaWorld was
preparing to open Discovery Cove. After they filled up the coral reef
lagoon, crews discovered it was losing about an inch of saltwater a day
— or an estimated 30,000 gallons daily, according to Florida DEP

Since then, leaks have been detected and more wells have been
installed, and the contaminated groundwater has been found in several
locations at both Discovery Cove and SeaWorld. The only off-site
contamination suspected at this time is beneath an Orange County fire
station on land next to Discovery Cove. Tests have not yet been
conducted there, but groundwater drawn from wells just across the fence
was tainted with salt.

So far the contamination is minimal. But what happens if there is a serious leak? As someone who lives ‘downstream’ from SeaWorld, I hope they resolve this properly. (Read)