Wednesday Roundup – January 9th

  • A huge pile up on the I-4 south of Disney this morning has resulted in many injuries and at least 4 deaths. Sadly one of those deaths was a Disney cast member. This stretch is known for heavy fog and a nearby fire didn’t help. Let’s be careful out there, okay. The Orlando Sentinel’s coverage of the event was fairly comprehensive and a real example of how newspapers have spread from print to include video, graphics, blogs, twitters, and more. About the only thing they didn’t use was the Radio and TV.
  • The Victoria & Albert’s decision to set a minimum age for the restaurant has legs, as they say in the biz. This means only one thing… more great PR for Disney’s restaurants. You know the 99.3% of them that do allow children of all ages and the 1 restaurant that doesn’t.
  • Tokyo Disneyland is having a little problem with one of their parade floats. You know something like a 660lb steel beam dropping on the parade route. Oops. Thankfully no one was injured and responsibly, Tokyo Disneyland is canceling all the parades until thorough safety checks can be performed on all parade floats. All parades in the US parks are operating as scheduled.
  • ABC and Disney plan to lose a lot of ad revenue if the Oscar telecast is canceled. The Actors didn’t cross picket lines for the Golden Globes and its doubtful they’d attend the Academy Awards if the Writers are still on strike then. As Bartok says in Anastasia, "You’re on your own, sir! This can only end in tears!"
  • Wired’s GeekDad Kevin Kelly spent a day at Disneyland, bought one of the line wait optimization software packages, and offers this report.
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