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What it’s like to win a night in the Cinderella Castle Royal Suite

No. I didn’t win a night in the castle, but I know someone who did. That’s almost as good, right? No. It’s not even close. Denise over at Mousesteps didn’t win either, but her parents did and they invited her to spend a night in the castle. Now that is practically the same as winning.

Visit Mousesteps to read Denise’s wonderful writeup and see some pictures of the many details that make Cinderella Castle Royal Suite so special.

Btw, The first Year Of A Million Dreams contest winds up this weekend. Next month a new contest with new rules and new prizes begins. A lot of the prizes are the same, but there appear to be a lot more travel packages offered this year. If you’re sending in postcards be sure to know that the PO Box has changed.

2 thoughts on “What it’s like to win a night in the Cinderella Castle Royal Suite”

  1. How exciting! An encore to the Year of a Million Dreams! I am sure Disney will live up to the promise of “dreams once thought impossible made true!”

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for the nice mention! I knew I’d get a call from my parents to meet up with them, but I didn’t expect to hear “do you want to sleep in the castle tonight?”! :)


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