An 800 Tuba Christmas at Disneyland?

Have you ever wondered what the sound of 800 tubas playing Christmas music would be like? Well wonder no more. Tuba Christmas is an all-volunteer group that is organizing an attempt to break the world record for Tuba players playing holiday songs. If you’re heading to Disneyland on Friday the 21st head to Downtown Disney for the 2pm concert. Keep the audio recordings for yourself. Thank you. (via the LA Times)

4 thoughts on “An 800 Tuba Christmas at Disneyland?”

  1. Last weekend I attended the 200-piece Tuba Christmas in downtown Portland, OR. It was fun, but there’s no way you can make holiday tunes from tubas sound like anything but dirges. I was hoping for upbeat, jazzy music, but tubas have to play so slowly that the effect is downright morose. A fun novelty, though. LOL, I even recorded it with my podcasting gear, but the audio isn’t very appealing. Maybe a saxophone or trumpet Christmas would be more interesting?

  2. Well, a World Record was made, as 627 Tuba Players showed up and performed today.

    Ages 5 thru 77 performed, one of the Conductors was 78.

    One well known musician, Rodney Newton came all the way from England to perform at the event.

    And of course, photos can be found at thi link…

  3. I took my two year old son and my husband there yesterday for the Grand Tuba event. It was amazing. It was the most beautiful sound! Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of tubas!

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