National Treasure Attraction at Disneyland? Nicolas Cage wants one.

When I lived in California I saw Nicolas Cage wandering Disneyland more than a couple times. The park’s cast members I spoke to knew Cage as a big Disneyland fan as appreciative of the park’s special place in history as the next Disney fan. In fact, just like John Stamos owns half of a Disneyland collectible we used to own, Nic Cage and us both own one piece of a very limited edition Terri Hardin sculpture figure – the excellent Chernabog one.

So now Cage has a successful movie for Walt’s studio and the potential of a successful sequel opening up soon. What does Cage wish for? How about a National Treasure themed attraction at his favorite theme park.

My biggest
thrill would be if Disney was so happy with the movie that they gave it
a ride. "Because I love amusement parks and I love Disneyland and I
would love to see a National Treasure ride. That would be a dream come
true for me."

Do you think Cage would be happy with a roller coaster in California Adventure? (Link)