It’s Woz, not Jobs, inside SpaceShip Earth at Epcot

Last week I posted a rumor that had an audio-animatronic figure of Disney Board Member and Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs inside the updated Spaceship Earth attraction at Epcot. Well now the ride has opened to the public for some limited previews and looks like the animatronic figure is much closer in semblance to the other Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak than Steve Jobs. The reason I’m voting that the figure is ‘Woz’ is that it makes more sense to the story of the revised attraction and imagineers are all about ‘the story’.

The new story of Spaceship Earth focuses more on Innovation than Communication. Since the figure is seating in front of a proto-type computer (although Woz and Job’s first computer looked significantly different) and Woz was the technical genius, he gets my vote. Plus as Gizmodo says, the figure is wearing a striped shirt as Woz was in a similarly posed picture, Jobs appears to like solids (and turtlenecks).

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind once I’ve been on the attraction myself. My attempts to catch a soft opening yesterday failed.