Did Disney’s Zero Tolerance for Violence Policy Unfairly Ruin Family Fun for Pop Warner Teams?

I’ve never been a big fan of collective punishment. It has its place in team events where you’re trying to build unity of purpose. But when applied outside the sports arena it can have unintended consequences. The family members of Pop Warner football teams certainly had no control over the actions of other players whose parents may or may not be on this trip. But they were forced to leave their rooms in the middle of the night anyway when Disney broadly applied its no violence ban across three teams whose members were involved in incidents earlier in the day.

These Pop Warner teams work hard to make it to Disney’s Wide World of Sports for the playoffs then have to do lots of fund raising so they can afford it. Disney then requires you to stay on property and buy a certain amount of tickets as well. So you’re kinda stuck with signing the group contract if you want your kids to play in the game they fought all season to get into. Sure, Disney writes the no tolerance policy into their group contract, but I still think it’s unreasonable to punish people for things that are out of their control.

Btw, it sounds like all the games in the Pop Warner tournament had been played when these incidents occurred. More at Central Florida News 13.

4 thoughts on “Did Disney’s Zero Tolerance for Violence Policy Unfairly Ruin Family Fun for Pop Warner Teams?”

  1. GREAT for Disney. I am a travel agent and two years ago I had clients at the All Star resort during pop warner. Their young children had to witness a violent fight in the resort lobby. The family received prank phone calls in the middle of the night. The family had to withstand violent language at the pool. Teens pounded on the door at 2 am and dumped food on people walking on the path below their rooms. If parents can’t control their children, they should be kicked out and not ruin the vacations of other families who spent big bucks for a dream vacation.

  2. I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! GOOD FOR DISNEY…it’s about time someone holds these “absentee” parents responsible for their childrens actions. I, for one, am sick of children running amock in public!! Good for you Disney!

  3. I also applaud Disney’s actions. Zero tolerance means exactly that. Now perhaps Pop Warner players and their families will take it seriously. Pop Warner football’s inability to control its participants should not be the problem of other guests.

  4. This is in line with Disneyland’s policies for Grad Night. If someone from your school screws up, your whole school can get blacklisted from the event in the future. It’s probably pretty tough to figure out which hoodlums are responsible for the violence in most cases, unless it’s captured on video or security witnesses it, so I think Disney has no choice but to take a blanket approach…as much as I find that distasteful in most cases.

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