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Spaceship Earth Soft Opening Reports

Update: LiftHill has a photo of "Steve Jobs", or at least the figure that is rumored to be "Steve Jobs". It’s hard to tell. But that ‘box’ on the desk is clearly meant to represent an early ‘Macintosh’ type computer.

Apparently Spaceship Earth opened for a few lucky guests last night. With MouseFest on property there were bound to be some Disney Geeks in queue ready to bring back reports of what has changed. As we heard, little has changed in the first half (although some improvements were made). What is really different is everything that was ‘the future’ of the attraction. Apparently the feeling of Horizons is back and better than even before.

Also, I’m hearing that the attraction still has some work to be done. So don’t go today expecting it to be open. This was really just a quick opening to gage audience reaction and put the ride system through its paces.


Keep in mind that all these posts will be heavy in spoilers. So avoid them if you want to experience the magic untainted by other opinions.

Sledge at ThemeParkAve zoomed over after getting a text message that it was previewing. This post is full of spoilers.

There’s also a post by Pheneix at’s message boards with their impressions of the attraction.


If you have your own personal reports please send them in and I’ll post or link to them.