Anaheim Citizen Group confused about land use issue

A group of Anaheim citizens is still pursuing an anti-Disney measure despite the developer pulling out and the city council reversing its support. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The coalition was started and funded by SunCal, a developer that planned to build 1,500 homes across from the Disney property, spending more than $700,000 on its campaign through September.

Now that SunCal’s deal is falling apart, coalition members decided to pursue the initiative anyway, said Diane Singer, the coalition’s chair. Singer said the group is seeking other funding sources, adding that she has not recently spoken to SunCal officials.

"The issue still remains that residents are concerned about Disney having too much power and having too much control over government," Singer said.

It’s clear this group is barking up the wrong tree. Keeping the Anaheim Resort District strictly for tourism based businesses clearly has nothing to do with the issue of Low Income housing. If anything, those extra tax dollars will help the City Council in their efforts to remove a little commercial zoning from depressed areas elsewhere in the city and convert them to low income housing.

As Singer says in the article they’re really just afraid of Disney having too much power. Thankfully people like Singer are a small minority of the city. They may be vocal, but in the end, they have no real power. If you ignore them, they will eventually go away like all the other anti-Disney efforts. (Read)

2 thoughts on “Anaheim Citizen Group confused about land use issue

  1. Stanisback

    I have to wonder if Diane Singer saw Mickey with his costume head off when she was a child. There is no logic behind her hate for Anaheim’s largest employer that provides 54% of our city’s tax revenues and has made Anaheim what it is today. Otherwise, she would not be living in a gated community in a big house in Anaheim Hills. Ditto for Lorri Galloway.

  2. Ted

    Singer lives in upscale Anaheim Hills where there is no affordable housing. There is the trouble with the power makers in Anaheim. Many of them do not have their primary residence in Anaheim. They just want to turn Anaheim into a third world slums with low cost housing while they go back to their rich neighborhoods. In the meantime, homeowners like us who pay the taxes and keep the community going year after year see our neighborhood and quality of life going down. It sucks.

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