Enchanted’s Thanksgiving Feast (now with leftovers)

Disney’s fairy-tale comedy "Enchanted" collected $50.1 million for what Disney executives point out was the second-highest, five-day Thanksgiving weekend box-office tally. Not too shabby.

But it gets better. Disney has proven themselves the masters of the 5-day Thanksgiving weekend openings owning the top five box office totals with Toy Story 2 in first place followed by Enchanted, Unbreakable, A Bug’s Life and 101 Dalmations. How did Unbreakable get in there with all those family films? Btw, they own 8 of the top 10 too.

5 thoughts on “Enchanted’s Thanksgiving Feast (now with leftovers)

  1. Meghan

    They got my $8.50, and will likely get it again soon. I loved Enchanted, and spent a good portion of my morning reading through the list of cameo appearances and tributes on Wikipedia after you mentioned it in the weekend roundup.

  2. Darcy Fraser

    We just returned home from seeing Enchanted. Me, the DH, and our 7 year old and our 3 year old. I absolutely LOVED the movie!!! And most defiantly would love to see it again in the theater. And is already on the “must buy on DVD when it comes out” list. LOL.

    Loved all the Disney stuff ‘hidden’ in the movie.

  3. Albert Maruggi

    Enchanted makes Maruggi family Thanksgiving tradition. It’s not easy to make this list, every year I take our 5 children to what they deem as the must see movie for the Christmas season.

    This year it was Enchanted. Yes there were a couple of skeptics, mostly the boys including me, but it worked. It was funny, some action, the plot was ingenious and crossed both generations and genders.

    Congratulations to Disney and Enchanted for making Maruggi family history.

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