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Sleeping Beauty Snow Light Show at Disneyland

When I was a little kid I remember watching a television special where it snowed at Disneyland and people were ice-skating on Main Street. The magic of that show ingrained itself into my brain so much that when I moved down to SoCal as an adult, I had to be reminded that it never actually snowed on Main Street. Yeah, I’m a sucker for the magic.

But I was there the first night it actually did snow on Main Street U.S.A. Well, at least when they added snow machines to the roofs for the very special ending of "Believe in the Magic" fireworks. Those who were there that night can attest to the emotional content of the whole evening.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t present for the debut of the latest ‘snow show’ to hit Disneyland. This time it’s a special lights and effects presentation at Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s so good you don’t even miss the fireworks if you’re at the park on a night when fireworks aren’t offered.

This video on YouTube isn’t perfect, but it does give you a good idea of what you’ll see in the show.