Picketing Disney Writers Blog the Strike

I mentioned yesterday I was looking for striking writers who are currently picketing Disney and someone sent me the link to Plaintive Wail, writer Stephen Falk (which coincidentally is one of the pen names I’ve used in the past, but it’s not me, I swear).

I debated overnight about linking to his site, not because he doesn’t have great stuff on there, he does, but because it is lightly sprinkled with profanities and other colorful language. The type you might expect to hear coming from your stereotypical smoke filled writers room. This morning I decided that it was worth if for you to see and read about what was going on at the Walt Disney Studios during the strike. You’ll have to make your own decision about clicking through to read the blog.

Via Stephen’s blog, I found Pamie. While not at the WDS in Burbank, Pamie is a writer for a show currently on ABC, Samantha Who. She’s on strike in front of the CBS Radford Studio and her posts about her job as a line captain are worth reading too. Today she posted a ton of letters of support from fans and friends as well as a heartfelt personal story.

Good luck guys. We fans are with you! I’m still looking for other links from striking Disney writers, so send them if you’ve got them. Meanwhile keep an eye on UnitedHollywood.com and twitter.com/writersstrike for news from the front lines.

2 thoughts on “Picketing Disney Writers Blog the Strike

  1. jkensington1

    So, you’re concerned about linking to a site that has salty language? What about the S-bomb you let slip on your October 29 post, regarding The Gap? It wasn’t your writing, I know…but it was right there on your Disney Blog site. I’m just saying…

  2. John from TheDisneyBlog.com

    Yes, I am concerned as I know many of my readers could be under the age of 13. While I don’t post a rating, I do try and maintain something between PG and PG-13 and think I do a pretty good job 99% of the time.

    I didn’t reply to your comment on the 29th because I don’t consider the word ‘damn’ a swear word of much magnitude. I’d rather my son say damn than more colorful language (although right now he says ‘aw pickles’ which I think is cute).

    I did not realize you were focused on the word ‘shit’ in that post because it is used to describe actual excrement, not as a swear word.

    I am sorry you were offended, but I am leaving both posts as is, as they are a vast minority of my overall posts and both cover matters that I think are important enough to bend the rules a bit.

    Thanks again for your comments, even if I don’t always agree, I do appreciate them.

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