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Dancing with the Stars – Round 7 Results

Once again, tragedy has struck the stars of Dancing with the Stars this season.  I honestly can’t believe everything that has happened to them in just a couple months.  Anyway, Marie Osmond lost her father between Monday night’s show and tonight.  So, Marie, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this hard week.  And I am glad they told us she was safe early.  Keeping her and us in suspense wouldn’t have been right given the circumstances.

Mel. B & Maks – Paso Doble – I don’t know what I was thinking last night when I said it would be Jennie.  Actually, I do.  I was thinking Mel had done the encore last week and figured they wouldn’t give it to her twice in a row.  But I had forgotten the encore was the group dance.  Since this was the perfect score of the night, it was the perfect choice for the encore.  I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming.  I liked it a little better this time, but it still didn’t do it for me.

Tonight also featured the return of Dance Center with Kenny, Lenny, and Jerry.  It was absolutely hilarious yet again as the three of them analyzed all six of the remaining stars.  Best moment?  When Jerry and Len had to tell Ken that Sabrina was gone.  Nice and funny tribute.

Bottom Two:
Well, they didn’t give us a bottom two.  They stopped when we were down to three.  Not sure why they decided to do that, but there you go.  The three who were left were Helio & Julianne, Jane & Tony, and Jennie & Derek.  Then they told Helio he was safe, but the other two weren’t the bottom two.  Why do it this way again?

Actually, I have a theory.  I bet that Marie was in the bottom two with Jane.  But since they’d already told us Marie was safe, they couldn’t use their normal bottom two.  So they did away with it for this week.  It will be interesting to see if they do this next week or go back to the bottom two.

After all that drama and confusing my commentary (how dare they!), they finally revealed that Jane and Tony were the ones going.  Since Jane has been at the bottom of the judges leader board for a couple weeks, that didn’t necessarily surprise me.  In fact, I felt it was her time to leave.  Yet with how unpredictable the competition has been, I am shocked she actually left.  She may have been at the bottom, but she was good.  She will be missed for the rest of the competition.