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Tow-Mater’s inspiration inspires a bit of small town restoration along Route 66

This is cool. Someone tracked down the tow-truck that was the inspiration for Tow-Mater in Pixar’s movie Cars and posted it on WayMarking. Turns out ‘Mater’ was sitting in front of a run down gas station in Galena, KS. Well now they’re restored the gas station and fixed up Mater with some ‘cars eyes’ for personality.

Galena sits along Route 66 and like Radiator Springs in the movie has seen better days. Nice to see the movie inspire a town to do some restoration of their own. Lot’s more on the restoration group’s website. Good luck guys!

Be sure to look around the WayMarking site. That’s a great idea that I’m sure some Disney fans could put to good use.