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Early Sneak Peak of Pixar’s next film, Wall-E, is quite positive

Meanwhile, back at my old haunting ground, the Lloyd Center mall up in Portland, Oregon, John Lasseter and the crew from Pixar held a test-audience screening for the next film to come from the talented studio, Wall-E. With Ratatouille breaking the $500 million mark Pixar’s string of successes is continues, so the pressure is on for Wall-E.

Some storyboards and rough animation was sprinkled throughout and a temporary soundtrack was being used, so the film wasn’t quite completed. But that didn’t stop one lucky viewer from gushing about Wall-E to the local rag, The Oregonian.

Monday evening a few friends and I saw what I presume was one of the
first test screenings of Wall-E at the Lloyd Center. John Lassater was
sitting behind us.

Pixar has done it again. I never saw Cars, didn’t have much
interest, yet I feel I should now see it at least once. Ratatouille was
simply lovely and Wall-E is just as good if not better in it’s own
special way.

There are some light spoilers, but nothing that won’t already be spoiled for you by watching future trailers probably. (Read)

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